Development of applications in VR and AR

The irruption of new technologies in our way of life, has caused a series of changes in how we relate to technology.

It can be considered that the real revolution in the use of interfaces came with the arrival of the iPhone 1, in 2007, that brought the technology definitively to all users.

As a result of this, the technology has been introduced more in our day to day, reaching also the factories and the way in which we communicate with the machines involved in the manufacturing process.

One of the latest trends that is already becoming reality is the use of augmented reality in manufacturing processes.

The augmented reality has become popular with Pokémon Go, but more and more technological giants are interested in it. In fact, for companies like Apple has much more potential than virtual reality.

The chief executive, Tim Cook, made that clear.

“Augmented reality (AR) encompasses more than virtual reality (VR), probably by difference, because it gives us the possibility to be present in the real world and to communicate ourselves, but also to enjoy other things at a visual level”

We must be clear about the following points:

  • Virtual reality “consists of introducing the user into a different world”, while augmented reality allows you to “see in the real world with added information”.

  • Virtual reality allows creating a virtual world through 3D graphic design, experts clarify. A world in which “there are no limits and in which we can see, create and do whatever we want”.

  • What augmented reality does, is add virtual elements to an existing reality, rather than create that reality from scratch.

From Tesla Technologies we are specialized in the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions, for different sectors:

  • Education

  • Industrial

  • Video game