RACON will develop an integral mobile tool based on augmented reality for naval enabling tasks – IN852A 2016/72

  • RACON will allow to assist the operator in the enabling work, guiding him in the process of assembly and installation of weapons and / or machinery.


  • Framed in the ConectaPEME 2016 Program, the project consortium is led by MIND and is completed by the companies NODOSA, GHENOVA, TESLA and EASYWORKS. AIMEN participates as a collaborating entity.


  • These technologies will allow to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing works, lead-time, capacity of innovation of the process and working conditions in the naval and auxiliary industry.


The RACON project seeks to develop new technologies and manufacturing methodologies in the naval sector based on the use of augmented reality, through a new concept of flexible tool that allows to assist the operator and support in the supervision of shipbuilding. In this way, RACON proposes the development of industry tools 4.0, focused on the user and integrated with production management systems.

For this, a integral mobile tool will be developed (tablet type PC), that allows to assist the operator in the process of naval enabling, guiding it in assembly and installation of weapons and / or machinery. In addition, it will link with the management system (ERP / PDM) in order to record and automatically update the changes, variations or deviations found (vertical integration). This system will be based on two complementary technologies: on the one hand, the development of augmented reality tools to assist the operator and, on the other hand, vertical integration tools to allow reporting the current state of in-situ ship manufacturing, referring the details to a CAD model that can be quickly transferred to designers and / or labor inspectors / supervisors.

These technologies will make it possible to improve the efficiency of manufacturing, lead-time, process innovation capacity and working conditions, as they will reduce the current limitations on shipyard clearance work. Among others, the increase in the complexity of the design and manufacturing phases or the need to develop flexible manufacturing processes adapted to short lots.


Main Innovations

In a first phase, RACON will develop the systems of location and tracking of scenes that allow to determine the position and orientation of the operator. Secondly, mobile tools will be developed that will guide the operator in the naval enabling process, so that they will support the operator in the enabling operations (until now mostly manual tasks). Finally, the development of standards for re-planning and supervision of shipbuilding that allow the connection between the mobile tools and the management system of the shipyard.
Once the project is completed, the challenge of the consortium will be to market the developed technologies, which are expected to be available within a period of about two years; a time necessary to ensure robustness, efficiency and durability in the industrial environment.


Intersectoral collaboration

The RACON project, with a budget of 1.25 million euros and a total duration of 30 months, is part of the ConectaPEME 2016 Program.
The companies participating in RACON cover the entire value chain of the project, from technology developers, naval engineers, To enabling companies (naval auxiliaries) and shipyards. MIND (project leader) and NODOSA as end users of the systems developed in RACON, will contribute their experience in shipbuilding; TESLA and EASYWORKS will work on the design and development of mobile tools focused on the operator. On the other hand, there is a technological leader like GHENOVA, specialized in the design of solutions that cover the whole life cycle of a naval building project.
This group of companies has the collaboration of AIMEN Technology Center.