About us

When we are asked who we are, we like to start by commenting that we want to pick up the principles of the great character that gives us name as a company.

The scientist does not seek an immediate result. He does not expect his advanced ideas to be easily accepted. Its duty is to lay the foundations for those who will come, to point the way.

Our work is based on a series of principles that we believe are non-negotiable, we believe in freedom and that a few can change the world. We are a different company and this does not concern us, we want to help our clients to obtain the best results possible, but without ever giving up our principles and our special idiosyncrasy.

We want to improve every day and make better all those around us.

Tesla Technologies & Software S.L markets the following services:

  • Design and development of interfaces in HTML 5 (games, animations ..)

  • Web design

  • JAVA design and development (Hibernate, Spring Web Flow, Java Server Face -JSF)

  • Design and development in Microsoft technologies.

  • Design and development in PHP technologies.

  • Design and development of augmented reality and virtual reality projects.

  • Design and development of software for large corporations in different sectors (banking, e-learning, etc.)

  • Design and development of applications based on Big Data (MongoDB, Apache Hadoop, etc.)

  • Academic training in topics such as IoT (Internet of Things), Oracle training (official certification), Big Data, etc.

Tesla Technologies & Software S.L also trade the following products:

  • Eboki, a pay-per-use e-commerce system, fully programmed in Java technologies, with special emphasis on system security and stability.

  • Indicages, software for the control of different ISO standards

Currently Tesla Technologies & Software S.L is strongly positioned in the development of new interfaces between users and computers, focusing mainly on the development of multi-platform and multi-screen solutions.

In addition the company is currently in the process of international expansion, opening a subsidiary in the UK, belonging to the business group in January 2016 (Mardy Bug), to strengthen our presence in the Anglo-Saxon market.



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Esteban Vázquez

The tough guy from the office, always with an answer and a timely opinion.
Dreamy, idealistic, passionate in everything he does, and why not, a little crazy.
And undoubtedly, one of his greatest passions is communication. He does not stop talking, neither writing nor talking …

Antonio Varela

He is the youngest of the group and also the most quiet. He has a short career behind him but he promises ..
Excellent JAVA programmer and tireless worker, plus great brewer.


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    Tesla Technologies & Software, S.L.

    • Rúa Pilar Miró, nº 6, 15703 - Santiago de Compostela

    • Email: info[arroba]teslatechnologies.com

    • T. (+34) 609 538 171 - (+34) 634 59 34 43